My Publications

My publications and reports

Other publications I’m working on currently include a write up of all the C-14 dates from my PhD, and my analysis and interpretation of the PPN human remains from the CZAP project.


Walsh, S. 2015.  Green Howe: burial process and identity in Early Bronze Age Yorkshire.  Prehistoric Yorkshire, 52.

Walsh, S.  2014.  Appendix 2.  Analysis of the cremated human bone from Monument B.  In, Malcolm Reid, Ian Brooks, Jim Innes, Stuart Needham, Fiona Roe, Ian Smith, Sam Walsh and Ann Woodward (2014). Once a Sacred and Secluded Place: Early Bronze Age Monuments at Church Lawton, near Alsager, Cheshire. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 80, pp 237-277 doi:10.1017/ppr.2014.12

Walsh, S. 2014. Is it possible to access identity from the osteoarchaeological record? Hindlow: a Bronze Age case study, in R.Crozier, V.Ginn and R.Enlander (eds) Exploring prehistoric identity in Northwest Europe: our construct or theirs? Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Walsh, S., Melton, N. and Knüsel, C.  2012. A re-appraisal of the early Neolithic human remains excavated at Sumburgh, Shetland in 1977. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.


Walsh, S. 2014. Chapter 4: The human remains from Bestansur. Central Zagros Archaeological Project, Excavations at Bestansur, 22nd March – 27th April 2014, Archive Report.

Walsh, S. 2013. The cremated remains from New Laund Farm, Whitewell, Lancashire. Unpublished osteological report held by Dr Rick Peterson, UCLan.

Walsh, S. 2012. The human remains from Brackenber burial site, Cumbria. Unpublished osteological report held by Wardell Armstrong Archaeology.



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