Reading list

Publications I recommend for use or general interest

This list will probably grow over time, it includes things on different topics which might be of interest.

For a classic overview of Bronze Age burials check out:  Ashbee, P.  1960.  The Bronze Age round barrow in Britain.  London: Phoenix. The theory might be out of date, but Ashbee knew what he was talking about!

Ashbee, P and Ashbee, R.  1981.  A cairn on Hindlow, Derbyshire: excavations 1953.  Derbyshire Archaeological Journal 101, 9-41.

Chamberlain, A.  2006.  Demography in archaeology.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Fitzpatrick, A. P.  2011.  The Amesbury archer and the Boscombe bowmen.  Salisbury: Wessex Archaeology Report 27.

Healy, F. And Harding, J. 2004.  Reading a burial: the legacy of Overton Hill, in A. Gibson and A. Sheridan (eds), From Sickles to Circles.  Gloucestershire: Tempus, 176-193.

Healy, F.  2012.  Chronology, corpses, ceramics, copper and lithics, in M.Allen, J.Gardiner and A.Sheridan (eds)  Is there a British Chalcolithic? People, place and polity in the late 3rd millennium.  Oxford: Oxbow Books, 144-163.

Hillson, S.  1996.  Dental Anthropology.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Lanting. J.N, Aerts-Bijma, A.T. and Van der Plicht, J.  2001.  Dating of cremated bones.  Radiocarbon 43 249-254.

Last, J.  2007a.  Beyond the grave: new perspectives on barrows, in J. Last (ed) Beyond the grave: new perspectives on barrows.  Oxford: Oxbow Books, 1-13.

McNeil, R.  1982.  Burial mound, Church Lawton north and south.  Cheshire Archaeological Bulletin 8; 46-50.

Schaefer, M., Black, S. and Scheuer, L.  2009.  Juvenile osteology: a laboratory and field manual.  London: Academic Press.

Tyson, N.  1994.  Whitelow Hill, Excavation of a Bronze Age Cremation Cemetery.  Manchester Archaeological Bulletin, 9 5-22.

Tyson, N.  1984.  Excavation of Bank Lane Cairn.  Lancashire Archaeological Bulletin 10 23-4.

Waldron, T.  2009.  Palaeopathology.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Walker, M.  2005.  Quaternary dating methods.  Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley and Sons, Ltd.

Wood, E. S.  1972.  The excavation of a Bronze Age barrow: Green Howe, North Deighton, Yorkshire.  Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 43, 2-32.


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