Making changes

I’ve finally decided to make some changes around here.  I’d like to do more osteological analysis so I’m making the leap of putting a page up to demonstrate my availability for this.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I’m changing the blog/site to reflect this.  As you may have noticed I’ve changed the name of the site so theres less focus on my Bronze Age research.  I’m still going to be sharing things on that subject but please bear with me while I make changes.



One response to “Making changes

  1. Hey,
    This is a great use of the blog format! It’s something I had thought about but never put into action as I want to get a few analyses properly under my belt first (the 2nd analysis is having to compete with normal day job and chapter writing!). Good luck with the changes and the osteological work, I’m always looking forward for new posts on this site. Think I’ve just followed you on Academia as I too am interested in northern English prehistory (my town has some great sites!).


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