Becoming a part-timer and other thoughts

I’ve not been posting on here as much as i’d like, I’ve been very busy with my full time job doing fieldwork.  Work lately has been cold, dreary and extremely muddy!
2014 was an interesting year.  I’ve gained a lot of fieldwork experience and I also took part in a great project with the CZAP team at Reading University.   This gave me the opportunity to excavate and analyse pre-pottery Neolithic burials in the Kurdish region of Iraq.  Below you can see me excavating delicate juvenile remains (which are probably not visible in the photo).
We had been hoping to do a second season late last summer but it sadly became too unsettled for us to go back.  We are hoping that things will settle down in the near future.
I’ve been making sense of the data from these PPN burials and also co-presented a talk, with one of the CZAP project directors at this years Neolithic Studies Group at the British Museum last November.  I had a lovely day there, and got to hear about lots of other interesting projects.
I also got to visit the rest of the CZAP team at Reading University in order X-Ray some specimens from the assemblage.  The specimen pictured below is particularly interesting as it shows our only definite example of trauma.  It appears to be a part of tibia (main lower leg bone) with part of a fibula (narrower lower leg bone) fused to it.  X-Ray confirms these portions of bone healed in a way which fused them together.  I still have a bit of thinking and X-Ray interpretation to do though.
Time off over christmas has given me a chance to think about my research, and do a bit more work on my radiocarbon dating project.  I’ve been working on a write up of radiocarbon dates I obtained during my PhD (also the main reason i started this blog).  In order to put the dates from my sites into context i’ve been looking at a lot of other dates and have been trying to see how these relate to object chronologies where possible.  I’ve also been looking at other possible sites to get radiocarbon dates from in the future.  Dr Rick Peterson has also been doing some work which ties in with my Early Bronze Age sites, you can see more on his work about Moseley Height on his blog Sheltering Memory (Link should be in the blog roll).
Having had a chance to think over some things over the Christmas period, I’ve  decided to become a part-timer in my digging job (Work kindly agreed).  This will allow me more time to complete publications and develop some other research ideas.  Hopefully this may also mean more blog posts.  Thats all for now.

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