Happy New Year…now I’ve submitted my PhD!

So I hope you’ve all been enjoying the christmas and new year holidays. In December after over three years of working on my PhD I finally finished it and handed it in! It was a big accomplishment but felt kind of strange. It ended up being around 79,000 words long for the main text and was over 700 pages long for both the main text and appendices. After all the stress of finalising, printing and binding everything handing it in at the uni office was kind of an anti-climax. Anyway the next step is my viva next month so fingers crossed.

In the mean time I thought i’d share an interesting example of Bronze Age dental pathology. This is a photo of the maxilla (upper jaw) of an older male individual, he has a large deposit of calculus on some of his teeth.  As you can see his dental health was poor, this person also had lost quite a few teeth from the lower jaw and had periodontal (gum) disease.

This individual was from a round barrow called Ash Fell which is in the Eden Valley, Cumbria. The antiquarian Greenwell excavated this individual and now what was collected of these remains is held as part of the Greenwell collection at the Natural History Museum. Thanks to the NHM for access to these remains.

Thats all for now!

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